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For those of you who keep geckos, you've probably noticed in different caging, time of day, or when faced with stimuli many species are able to change their color to varying degrees. Some species can change their color to better match their environment and help them blend into their surroundings. But what if the gecko can't "see" their surroundings? Turns out they can 'see' through their skin! Sounds cool, right?  Well I certainly thought so, and you can read more about it here!


Thanks, Landgart, for showing me this study! Very fascinating!
Last year we did a Journal about the studies being done on Tokay gecko and the unique properties of gecko feet. Well, all the research has lead to some very cool products, such as a new adhesive material known as GeckSkin. I gotta say, I cannot wait till it becomes available commercially so I can try some out in my own home!

Here is an article about their research:…

Here is an article about GeckSkin:…

What do you think? Would you use this in your home? I wonder how many researchers got bit by tokay during testing... :P
I recently came across a fascinating article regarding the reclassification of Lialis jicari as a gecko. Although these legless beauties are specialized predators that eat other lizards and geckos, scientists have reclassified them as a gecko as of last year.…

If you're interested, you should check out the legless lizard/gecko page on facebook run by Jessica Hettinger. She's a real wealth of information and is working with several species, including the jicari geckos. I don't know about you, but now I really want a pair of my own...   :)

From her page:

Lialis is a genus in the family Pygopodidae. Concerning the family Pygopodidae, taxonomists use morphological traits less and less these days to determine relationships among species, genera, and families. What has been found through analysis of the mtDNA and nuDNA is that the closest relatives to these legless lizards are Diplodactylidae and Carphodactylidae geckos. Think of a branch, on that branch are numerous smaller branches or twigs. Each on of these twigs represents a family of geckos within the Gekkota lineage. Taxonomists use a term called Monophyletic to describe a branch or clade which has all the smaller twigs on it. If something is described as another clade out side of the branch but is actually on the same branch as another clade this is known as Paraphyletic.

Monophyly is the goal to truly describe life on this planet as represented by evolution. The reason Pygopodid lizards are geckos is because they share a common gecko ancestor with the Diplodactylids and Carphodactylids. They are genetically similar that they are geckos. Further, the Pygopodid clade is found to be nested within the Gekkota families. To remain monophyletic the group Gekkota must include the Pygopodidae and therefore the Pygopodids are geckos.

They also have morphological similarities to geckos, they have a brille or eye scale which can be found in all gecko families except Eublepharidae. They exhibit cranial kinesis which allows them to keep ahold of the their prey. Their are numerous shared skeletal morphologies, most notably in the skull, hyoid, limb girdles, and even the vertebral morphology.

For the genetic data here is one source of many:…

For more about the characteristics of the species:…

I know we have touched on it a few times in the past, but for those who've not heard, the wild tokay populations in SE Asia are being hunted down in huge numbers. In recent years they have been reputed as a cure for HIV and AIDS in certain countries, and large specimens sell on the black market for thousands of dollars. This week the tokay gecko was added as 'Endangered' to the Wildlife Protection Act in India. This is not the same status as being placed the global ICUN Redlist, but it's a much needed step in the right direction for the global conservation of this species. I hope that the wild populations of these geckos start to recover as more laws are put in  place to help protect these awesome lizards.  :)


For some further reading:…

^^ (not sure who picked the uroplatus pic...)
Good day, gecko lovers!

I don't know about all of you, but as much fun as the holiday season is, I'm almost glad it's over. :) Needless to say, our group has grown a lot over the last year. I love to see all of your wonderful deviations each day.  We had lots of fantastic entries for our holiday gecko event, and I would like to thank everyone who participated! You guys are all the best, and I look forward to more great geckos galore in 2014!  :heart:

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